In May of 2005 we did something radical. We sold our home, left our careers, bought a sailboat, and set out on an adventure of a lifetime. The journals below, along with the rodimg_1395andlisawolfe.com website, are meant to document our experiences as we travel so our friends and families can share in this adventure.

Life is short. Live for today. Live the dream, don’t dream to live. There are many expressions associated with following your dreams and living your life to it’s fullest, based on what that means to you.

One of our dreams has been to travel and experience new places, new people, and have new experiences.  As some of you may know, Over recent years this dream has evolved into a vision of traveling by living on a sailboat.  And for another cliche, there’s no time like the present!  So, Rod and I are tossing off the bow lines and sailing off into the sunset – or sunrise as the case may be!

~Lisa Wolfe 5/4/2005