St. Augustine, Florida 9/28/05 – Bargain Safari

What began as what we refer to as a Bargain Safari, ended up including a side of tourism in St. Augustine. We were motivated to visit St. Augustine again, this time by car, after we learned of a store called the Sailors sailors-exchange-storefrontExchange, where one could find good deals on used and new equipment. It’s basically like a salvage yard. A boater’s dream! At Sailors Exchange we bought Sunbrella cloth for a deck shade and other projects at approximately 60% of the normal retail price per yard. We also bought enough Triple B chain to replace and increase the length of our current primary anchor chain. This too was at a very good price. During our 4 hour scavenge at Sailors Exchange Rod found a welding shop next door where he scored a piece of stainless steel pipe needed for the windlass installation and we also learned of some local wood workers where we might get some small pieces of teak also needed for the windlass. By this time it was after 5:00 so we had to make a decision – drive the approx. 100 miles back to Brunswick and then return the next day to track down the teak, or spend a spontaneous night in St. Augustine. With the price of gas around $3.00 per gallon and our general inclination toward the spontaneous, we decided to spend the night. That decision allowed us to be tourists for the remainder of the evening and wander the quaint streets of this historic city, where Rod claimed to sense the presence of ghostly pirates. We even found the restaurant/bar in the tree, The MillTop, that Chris had told us about from their visit to St. Augustine.

Author: Rod Wolfe

Rod has craved adventure for most of his life. He grew up in the Idaho outdoors, hunting, fishing, motorcycle riding, mountain biking, kayaking, and telemark skiing in the Idaho backcountry. After college he became an accountant with a multinational agribusiness company and worked on projects all around the world. A desire for change led Rod to his second career as an Investment Sales Specialist with a large commercial real estate firm in Boise. Rod holds the prestigious Certified Management Accountant and a Certified Commercial Investment Member professional designations which he is certain will have no value on this current adventure. In addition to his professional designations, Rod is a PADI certified Advanced Scuba Diver and ASA Bareboat Certified.

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